You’re a freelancer?
We are, too.

Welcome to Freelance DC

Freelancing can be lonely. After all, we signed up to work for ourselves and, often, by ourselves. But now, there is a community created by freelancers for freelancers to stay connected, stay inspired, and ensure our voices are heard by those in power. 

That’s Freelance DC, part of an emerging network of regional hubs for independent professionals. 

We’re here to help freelancers remain self-employed as long as they want to by creating peer-to-peer support networks; collecting, developing, and sharing resources; and aligning with advocacy initiatives that benefit independent workers.

We hope you’ll join us as we build an accessible, sustainable, and equitable future for freelancing nationwide.

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Join our growing grassroots movement to ensure freelancing is accessible, sustainable, and equitable for anyone who wants to work independently.